(First snow of the season.)

Well, the first snow of the season was flying around like crazy today.  Lake-effect snow of the large-flaked variety.  The ground isn’t cold enough for it to stick, but it was pretty to watch.

I have four phone calls on the answering machine from the McCain camp.  I’m getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore.  I can’t be bothered to record them, upload them, put them on the blog, etc.  I’m fed up with politics in general and can’t wait until the election is over.

I will say that two of the calls are invitations to a McCain victory rally at a high school up near Cleveland on October 31st.  Seems a little early for a victory rally, but I can understand wanting to stay optimistic.  One is a call in which the issues are presented with McCain’s solutions.  I don’t mind any of those three calls.  The third is another let’s put the fear of Obama in them kind of call.

I suppose one out of four isn’t all bad.

2 Comments on “Snow!”

  1. ybonesy says:

    Gorgeous shot, Robin.

    I guess you are getting more calls in Ohio than we are in NM. My mailbox and TV are innundated, but no robocalls as far as I know. Well, I haven’t been answering them, so maybe they’re there.

  2. Anna says:

    That is a gorgeous photograph!

    I wonder about Kansas in this political stuff going on. I haven’t yet received one call or anything in my mailbox concerning either camp. All I’ve had knocking at my door are the Jevohah Witnesses campaining for their cause. Do they vote? LOL I tell you, though, the TV ads in Kansas are wicked mud-slinging… and it is very tiresome and irksome!

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