Yet another story about voter registration forms being considered incomplete and/or invalid:  Up to 10,000 Registrations Deemed Incomplete in Colorado.

M the Younger and his fiancee are newly registered voters in the state of Colorado.  I hope this doesn’t affect them.

2 Comments on “Hmmm…”

  1. You are on this topic aren’t you? 😉

    Did you see the one in Virginia with the flyers telling Democrats to vote on Wednesday? A classic ploy aimed at the low information voters. I think that one makes an appearance every cycle.

    How about the one in Florida with someone posing as an election official gathering absentee ballots?

    They fuss about ACORN, but that is just a voter *registration* issue, not actual voter fraud or disenfranchisement. None of those bad registrations were ever going to be able to vote anyway!

  2. Robin says:

    Hi TPG. 🙂

    Yep, I am. It bugs the hell out of me that these stories aren’t front and center the way the ACORN story has been. In the ACORN case, as you pointed out, The Green Giant or any other fictitious voter will not be able to vote. But in the case of the states purging legitimate voters from the registration rolls, it’s a pretty clear violation of federal law.

    In some cases, as in Ohio, the Republicans are leading the way towards breaking the law. Whether they succeed or not may not matter as long as the story goes out that the Democrats and/or Obama are somehow involved (via ACORN in most cases).

    “Federal investigative guidelines also discourage election-related probes before ballots are cast because of the likelihood that the inquiries will become politicized and might influence the election outcomes.” (Jason Leopold,

    It looks like pretty clear manipulation to me, likely designed to prejudice or eliminate voters.

    After the years of apathy, it’s great to finally have an election in which people are talking and interested. It excites me to see young people getting involved and interested in the political process. What really ticks me off is the way in which this sort of thing might disillusion those new voters.

    We (“we” in the general sense) certainly don’t all agree on who should be president, but I should hope we’d all agree on our right to vote (provided we meet the requirements of being a U.S. citizen, of legal age, etc., etc.).

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