(Today’s view of the pond)

It’s cold and dreary here today.  There’s a mix of rain and snow in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night.


Yesterday M made applesauce.  Lots and lots of applesauce.  He likes to use golden delicious apples in his applesauce.  I think that stems from when we were living in southern Ohio.  We had an apple tree in the back yard that was a great producer of golden delicious apples.  They’re sweet enough that you don’t need to add any sugar.

I like my apples and applesauce a little tart so while we were at the orchard on Saturday I picked out a peck of a variety of apples, some sweet, some tart.  When M finished making gallons of applesauce from the golden delicious apples, he made a gallon batch for me using the apples I’d picked out.

Mmmmm mmmm good!  It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart, just the way I like it.

ACORN response

Something to think about.

Another blip:  Some voters ‘purged’ from voter rolls