Fear in the house

This robocall came in yesterday:

I think they want us here in Ohio to be afraid, very afraid.

Lest you think it’s just the phone and television, here’s a sampling from my mailbox (the snail mailbox):

The only thing missing from this ad is the white-light (“good guy”) photo of John McCain that’s shown at the end of the television ads.  Note: This ad is from the Ohio Republican  Party.

Still no robocalls or mail from the Obama camp.  I’m impressed, very impressed.  If I were undecided, the difference in tactics might help me decide.

8 Comments on “Fear in the house”

  1. heidilou says:

    The scary part is that it seems so many Americans are stupid enough to fall for those scare tactics. And, who are these “undecided” voters? I mean, really, who in the world could still be undecided at this point in time? Uhhh …. stupid people?

    I really can’t wait until this whole election mess is over. I am SO tired of it.

  2. Interesting – your experience in a swing state gels with my informal survey of people I know and with my own experience comparing what I received when I was GOp vs now as a Dem.

    Let’s just say that crap like you see above seems to flow almost exclusively from right to left.

  3. Calvin says:

    Obama has spent over $5M on negative ads, McCain less than $1M. Which is the more negative candidate?

  4. Robin says:

    That may be, Calvin, in which case Obama is certainly spending more. However, the phone calls and mail that I’m seeing are all coming from McCain. I’ve yet to see one from Obama’s camp. Perhaps he doesn’t feel the need to run a negative campaign in Ohio.

    The predominant Obama ad on television that I’ve caught is the one in which Obama talks about parents taking responsibility and getting involved in the education of their children by reading to them. He may well be running negative ads here but I’m just not watching television at the right time of day to catch them.

  5. ybonesy says:

    Hey you, I love this blog. I had never visited here.

    I was reflecting, too, yesterday as I spent time in airports and on airplanes without any reading material and tired of writing, how different the two campaigns have been. One so very much built on fear—thinking now to even the stump speeches at rallies. How one side is more about stressing the differences in people—pro-America or “real America” versus not—while the other side has spoken of unifying America.

    I really think it’s a generational thing. I’m exactly the age of Obama, and his messages resonate with me. And I do think that personally, I am at my peak, creatively. I know I’ll gain more wisdom, but in terms of actually doing, innovating, changing, influencing—I’m there. And that gives me confidence that he can pull this off by mobilizing all of us to do our parts. It is a sea change we have to accomplish.

    Well, sorry, you didn’t need a little mini-stump speech from me. I’m just pretty jazzed, excited for what’s to come.

  6. Robin says:

    Hi Ybonesy! And welcome to Life in the Bogs. It was my first blog. Usually it’s pretty dull stuff (my daily life), and I was avoiding politics (and religion) like the plague, but finally gave up because politics keeps invading my life in the form of phone calls, mail, and people accosting us whenever we go out anywhere. McCain is working Ohio, that’s for sure.

    It’s the fear factor that bothers me most. It was quite noticeable in the past two elections (you can pretty much count on the Republicans to bring up September 11th in just about any speech, even the Republicans running for local offices around here). The polarization created, along with the fear and anger created by both the polarization and the fear, (in my opinion, mind you) are a way of keeping people distracted from real issues. Abortion used to be the one-issue way to keep people divided. Then they frightened people with the idea of gay marriage. Now we’re back to terrorists to create fear, and patriotism (real America) to create anger and resentment.

    Well, now I’m on my soapbox. lol! I enjoyed your mini-stump speech. Feel free to drop by and make another sometime soon. 🙂

  7. Calvin says:

    Robin, please note that the mailer you received is not from McCain. It is from the Ohio Republican Party. That is not the same thing.

    I am not a fan of those types of flyers. I do not even read them. They get deposited in the recycle bin on the way in from the mailbox.

    I live in Florida where the race is very close. My guess is that a good chunk of the millions that Obama has spent on negative ads against McCain – i.e., “I am Barrack Obama and I approved this message” ads – is here in the Sunshine State. (There is one on as I type this message.)

    As for fear, the scariest thing I have heard in this campaign cycle is Biden promising that if Obama is elected there will be an international crisis within 6 months, that it will not be readily apparent that Obama is doing the right thing in response, and that his supporters should stay behind him. He either knows something that we do not or he is a lunatic for saying such a thing.

  8. Robin says:

    You’re right, Calvin. It’s not the same thing so I’ve made a note of it in my post.

    I think Biden just likes to hear himself talk, but I could be wrong. It was a stupid thing to say, whether he knows something or not.

    I finally saw a negative ad from the Obama camp this morning, followed by two from McCain. I imagine they’ll both be going at it with guns blazing this week since they’re in Ohio.

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