Move 2008 Update

Been a while, eh?

I’m still walking and still keeping track.  Just been too lazy to post about it.  Without further ado:

  • Total mileage for 2008:  886.737 miles

I had a couple of weeks where I took it easy (walked fewer miles), mostly because I haven’t been quite up to par lately.

The other day M was remarking that we haven’t seen the hawks around here lately.  Lo and behold, two of them showed up this morning.  I managed to catch one with the camera:

(Hawk in the elm tree.)

It’s not a great shot, but I took it through the living room window.  A better lens would have helped, too.  I’ve been wanting to buy a new lens for the camera for a while.  However, the camera is having some technical difficulties that may mean it’s dying.  If that’s the case, I’ll have to save up my pennies for a long while for a new camera.  Let’s hope this one hangs on for a few months.  Another year would  be really nice.

I’ve been pondering NaBloPoMo.  I kind of hate to miss it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to post every day.  If I can get a few posts ready to go ahead of time, I’ll do it.

Today’s view of the pond:

Don’t tell M I was taking photos of the geese instead of chasing them off.


One Comment on “Move 2008 Update”

  1. Kel says:

    what a cute little paddleboat!

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