Move 2008 update and other stuff

(This morning’s view of the pond.)

It’s been a busy week.  We’ve been cleaning up the mess that Hurricane Ike left behind when he decided to visit Ohio.  The biggest project has been the food clean-up.  We emptied the kitchen fridge and freezer last Tuesday night (so we could put it out for garbage pick-up on Wednesday morning).  In a way, it’s kind of nice to start out all fresh and new and sparkly.

Once the freezer was cleaned out, I paid a visit to Hilgert’s farm and came home with two bushels of peppers.  I’ve been chopping and freezing ever since.  To add to the fun, M and I went to the Hartville Market this morning where I purchased some more peppers (yellow and purple).  The red peppers were kind of expensive compared to picking them ourselves so we stopped by Hilgert’s farm and picked a bucketful of red peppers.  The red bells were not looking so good (starting to rot) so we picked elephants ear peppers.

It’s too late in the season to replace the broccoli and yellow wax beans.  I’ve decided to look into what I can do with squash since the acorn and butternut squash are currently in season.  There’s also the possibility of sauerkraut.  They had some gorgeous cabbages in Hilgert’s fields today.  The guy out there directing people where to go to pick stuff gave us a rundown on how to make sauerkraut.  Since I have so many peppers to deal with right now, I’ll think it over.  I’ve been wanting to make my own sauerkraut for several years now.  It might finally be time to jump in and do it.

Move 2008

This update is as of last Monday.  I was delighted to see I’m very close to my goal for the year.

Total mileage so far:  803.24 miles

That leaves me with 196.8 miles to go.  Woo-hoo!

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