Heating up

(Bagpiper in the sun. June 2008. © Robin)

I know I said I’d be posting desert photos. And I will. Really. But I don’t think I have enough for both blogs to last more than a week or two, so I’ve decided to fit in other photos that represent HOT to me.

I took this photo of one of the bagpipers at the Irish Festival in Cuyahoga Falls in June. It was a warm day (the temp was in the 80’s). What I think made it brutal for the pipe and drum folks was that they had to stand on the concrete with the sun shining down upon them. You could see them heating up as their set went on. Worse yet, they’re standing right in front of one of those concessions that deep fries everything (including Snickers Bars and Twinkies). There had to be additional heat coming from that direction.

It’s not quite so hot here in the Bogs today. It’s about 80 degrees, but the humidity has taken a hike and there’s a nice breeze ‘a blowin’. The perfect day for hanging out laundry, something I did earlier.

The iron supplements must have kicked in because I’m filled with energy today. It’s as if someone supercharged me. I’ve been on a cleaning streak, starting with the kitchen. I got word today that the peppers will be ready to pick on Monday and that means the freezing and canning really goes into full force. I’d like to start out with a clean kitchen. It seems like it’s been a while since my home has had a good cleaning. We’ve had so much going on that I either haven’t had the time or it wasn’t worth the effort. Various remodeling projects as well as M the Younger’s move kept the place in chaos for a while.

This is a good weekend to air and clean the house out.  I’m off to a good start.


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