(Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California. April 2008. © Robin)

The August NaBloPoMo theme is HOT.

I’m not sure I’ll manage to post every day for the entire month, but it will give me a chance to finally post some of the photos I took during out last trip out west. It was the first time that M and I had ever been to a desert.

In case it needs to be said, it’s true what they say about the desert. It’s hot and dry.

We were lucky, though. It wasn’t as hot then as it gets during the summer months. I think it was in the 80’s that day. It’s currently 115 degrees there. Now that’s HOT.

There were still some flowers blooming in the desert when M and I paid a visit. Some were very tiny and you had to really be looking to see them. Others were more showy. Either big or bright or both.

Now that we’re more or less into the dog days of summer, I’m not sure I want to be reminded on a daily basis about the heat. It’s 86 degrees here today. But it doesn’t feel too bad as the other two H’s of summer are not really present. (The three H’s of summer are: Hot, Hazy, and Humid. We usually associate that with what our local weather people call the Bermuda High, but it isn’t always necessary for the three H set-up.)

If I get tired of the heat, perhaps I’ll post some snow pictures. I certainly have plenty of those.


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