The broccoli is in

(Getting ready to grill. © Robin, 2008.)

The broccoli is in! Yay!

I picked up my order from the farm down the street today. 17 lbs. of beautiful, green, healthy-for-ya broccoli.

Needless to say (but I will anyway), I’ve spent the day cutting, blanching, and freezing broccoli. I’ve been eating some of it too. It’s delicious. I’m always amazed at how sweet freshly picked broccoli tastes.

The photo above, by the way, has nothing to do with broccoli or anything else in this post. I took it a week or two ago when we were grilling veggies to go with our dinner. It’s my back-up photo. I’d have taken a photo or ten of the broccoli, especially after it’s blanched and takes on that gorgeous green color, but my camera is once again traveling without me. I’ll have it back again in a week. In the meantime, I’ll have to rely on my archives if I need a photo.

Got a call from the doc today about some blood work I had done. It seems I have iron deficiency anemia. Not sure why. I guess I’ll find out eventually. In the meantime, it’s high doses of iron supplements for me. I better make sure I get plenty of fiber with those supplements. They can be hell on the digestive system.

6 Comments on “The broccoli is in”

  1. Elaine@homebutnotalone says:

    Hi – I’m a novice veggie grower and was wonder how exactly you freeze your broccoli?

    Any tips?

  2. And I have learned (the hard way), that there is such a thing as TOO MUCH fiber! Good luck finding a balance 🙂

  3. Robin says:

    I’ll post something for you tomorrow, Elaine. It’s very simple. 🙂

  4. Robin says:

    TPGoddess: Oh yeah, I know all about TOO MUCH fiber. Rumbling, gurgling city. Yikes.

  5. Kel says:

    if you can get an organic iron supplement, they are much easier on the system – digestively speaking 😉

    the other plus is that i find my system absorbs more of organic iron than the standard tabs the doc might suggest

    of course, taken with orange juice or vit c supp (to increase absorption), not tea or coffee (which inhibits iron absorption)

  6. Robin says:

    Thanks, Kel. 🙂

    I hate to give up my morning tea, but looks like it might be a good idea for a while.

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