The empty plate

I took this photo the other day for a friend who needed a picture of a clean, empty plate and some silverware for a school project.

As I was looking at it this morning, debating whether or not to delete it from the vast quantity of photos taking up vast amounts of space on two hard drives, it got me to thinking about food in a way other than I’ve been thinking about it during this month of blogging to the theme of food.

I am fortunate. I do not have to go to bed hungry at night.

I live in a country where children are having serious health problems due to obesity, some getting mega calories from all the wrong foods (convenience foods) because they can’t afford the healthy foods. It’s about getting more calories for your dollar than more health from your food. Or, in some cases, the only food available comes from a convenience store or a fast food restaurant because there are no other choices in the neighborhood.

I’ve recently seen a few bloggers comparing photographs of obese children in the U.S. with starving children in Africa. Interesting questions are asked in this blog post.

I didn’t sit down here with the intention of editorializing on the subject of obesity. It would be too much like the kettle and the pot as I could certainly stand to skip a few meals. The thing is, I’m lucky that I have that option.

What I do want to do is point you towards a website you may already be familiar with. It’s the original click-to-give website: The Hunger Site. Head on over and click to give. It’s free and won’t take more than a moment of your time.