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The magnificent veggie burger!!

Or, if you’d prefer…

Last night’s dinner!!

We had roasted new potatoes and fried (in a little olive oil) cabbage with the veggie burgers.

More rain moved through last night. It was quite a soaking but without all the huffing and puffing of the previous day’s storms.

M the Younger spent the day in Denver, filling out paperwork for his new job. The company that hired him flew him there and back home again the same day. He looked pretty exhausted when he got home around 1:00am (having left here at 4:30am). He’ll be leaving here July 30th, and starting his new job on August 4th.

I’m going to miss him, but it’ll be nice to have a reason to travel to Colorado on a frequent basis. I’ve never been to Colorado (other than stopping in Denver to change planes), and look forward to exploring and hiking the state.

I know I’m way behind on updating my Move 2008 stats. Will get to that soon. I have been exercising. I just haven’t added everything up lately.