Something to admire

(Romaine lettuce still firmly planted in the garden)

Isn’t that one of the prettiest vegetables you’ve ever seen? It’s a head of romaine lettuce that I grew. Or planted so it would grow. Or something like that.

Because the weather has warmed up considerably, I picked it yesterday. I wanted to be sure to get it before it bolted. Does romaine bolt? I should have looked that up. At any rate, it’s getting too hot for the poor lettuces. I think our salad days for this season are almost over. In terms of lettuces, that is.

I used this head of romaine in a salad for dinner last night. Tastiest. Salad. Ever. I served it with some of the red romaine lettuce (not pictured), orange bell pepper, slivers of parmigiano-reggiano cheese, and a lemon-garlic dressing that I made. Very yummy and refreshing. I’ll post the picture tomorrow. I like to keep one on stand-by in case I don’t get around to photographing food every day.

On the good news front: M the Younger has landed a job in Colorado. Yay!!! With the date of the move quickly approaching, it was beginning to be more than a worry. How in the world were M the Younger and his fiancee going to be able to pay the rent? Utilities? Buy food? Fill up their gas tanks?

The job acquisition is a big load off of the minds of those of us involved, especially those of us who have agreed to cosign on their lease (that would be M the Elder and myself).

On the bad news front: The problem with the fish in our pond is now officially a fish kill. M the Elder found 18 dead fish this morning. We’ve decided the only thing we can do is wait it out.

The problem stems from too much dead vegetation decomposing in the pond. The decomposition process sucks up most of the oxygen in the water, oxygen the fish need to survive. We’re hoping the heat will speed up the process so that the water will clear and all the fish won’t die off. There are thousands of fish in that pond so hopefully once nature takes its course we’ll still be left with more than a few.

M the Elder and I had lunch today at the Erie Station Grill.  It was ok. The service was good, and our waitress was friendly. The food was just ok. In all fairness to them, I ordered a just-ok type of sandwich — a BLT. M had the veggie wrap which was also ok.  Both were served with french fries.  M ordered their homemade chips, but they were out of them.

We may or may not go back.  It was one of those places that neither impressed nor overly (or overtly) disappointed.  Very appropriate, I suppose, for someone who said they’d likely be a mediocre superhero.  😉