(Basil in the garden)

I didn’t have much luck with the basil seeds I planted. I put them in one of those little seed starter things, and some did come up. However, when I moved them to the garden, only two survived.

The good news is that the two survivors are looking pretty darn good.

I hope to someday have a raised herb bed near the house. In the meantime, I think I might stick with pots for the herbs from now on. I seem to have better luck that way. I can also keep them close to the house. The garden is a little bit of a walk from the kitchen.

The tomatoes and lettuces are still doing well. I think we’ve had salad every single day for the past month. I’m still not tired of it. Fresh lettuces are so delicious. I particularly like the mesclun mix. The radishes, unfortunately, did not do so well. The soil was not as loose as it should have been for that type of root vegetable. It should be better next year now that I’m getting the hang of this gardening stuff.

The weekend is going to be busy, and my house will be full. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be good to see the Exquisite Emma once again. We haven’t seen her since May.