(Pacific Beach, CA. April 2008)

We had leftovers for dinner last night. Leftovers just don’t make as pretty a picture as freshly stir-fried vegetables and noodles.

I’ve been craving Mexican food lately. Good Mexican food. I’m going to have to make it myself if I want something good. The Mexican restaurants around here are ok, but I always have trouble appreciating them for at least 6 months after a trip to San Diego.

This weekend is going to be nice. Oldest Son, his wife, and my exquisite granddaughter will be coming for a visit on Saturday. M the Younger arrived this morning and will be here at least over the weekend. I’m going to enjoy having them all here again.

Some lovely weather has moved in for the day. I think I’ll take advantage of it and work outside in the garden. It’ll be hot and humid again tomorrow and through the weekend. Might as well enjoy this lull in the heat and humidity while I can.