Szechuan Noodles

Last night I took this recipe, worked it to suit my tastes and what I had available, and cooked up a great noodle dish. I’m not sure it can still be called Szechuan Noodles, but it was close. I left out the meat (chicken and shrimp). I didn’t have the hot bean sauce so I substituted a hot chili garlic sauce, and I didn’t use nearly as much oil as the recipe calls for. Next time I make it I’m going to marinate some tofu and use that in place of the meat.

There was a little chopping involved. I started with this:

(Bok choy)

Added these:

(Carrots and red bell peppers)

And plenty of this:


It all went into the wok, along with some broccoli:

(Stir frying)

M cooked the noodles for me while I was chopping and stir frying. I used brown rice bran noodles, something I had in the pantry.

The noodles went into the wok, were warmed up, and then I added the veggies and sauce. Here’s the finished product:

(Szechuan Noodles, Bogs style)

It was delicious! The hot chili garlic sauce added just the right amount of kick (spiciness) to the dish. I’d like to try it with hot bean sauce next time around.

I had my big check-up yesterday (my 50th birthday celebration physical). I’m happy to report that I’m doing fairly well. My blood pressure is borderline high. I have until November to keep up the healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss (I’ve lost about 20 lbs.) in hopes it will bring down my blood pressure enough that I won’t need medication. I dread the thought of starting on any kind of meds (since I’m on none now). I’d rather do the work (eat healthy, exercise, lose weight). Years of working in a pharmacy have shown me the slippery slope of being medicated. You take a pill for your blood pressure and then the next thing you know you’re taking one for the side effects brought on by the pill for your blood pressure, and then another for the side effects of that one, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

That said, if my blood pressure doesn’t come down, then of course I’ll take whatever medication I have to take.

Blood was drawn to check out my cholesterol, blood glucose, thyroid functions, and lord know what all else. I’ll be getting a mammogram next month, and will get the pap smear done when I go back in November.

The great news is that the doc thinks I might as well wait until next year for the big birthday present: The colonoscopy. That’s the one we all get when we turn 50. I can wait until next year for the stress test too.


It made perfect sense to me. I’m not 50 yet.

We had some big storms roll through yesterday evening. Luckily for us, the worst of them went around our area.

(Storms rolling in)

5 Comments on “Szechuan Noodles”

  1. Alto2 says:

    First of all, Happy 5-0! You’re doing so well with your walking program that I’m sure you’ll be healthier by November. As for the colonoscopy, two pointers: the worst part is the prep so stay home with a good book; and see if your GI will fully sedate you for the procedure. You won’t remember a thing.

    Secondly, yummy pictures and recipe. Keep cooking — maybe that will be your next blog!

  2. Well now – you said that *I* was making you hungry with my Dream Dinners, but THAT looks wonderful!! I want some!!

  3. rhea says:

    Yeah, the stuff you have to drink for colonoscopy is revolting.

  4. English Nutter says:

    Those noodles look delicious!

  5. English Nutter says:

    I seem to have a picture. 🙂

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