Look what I found!

(Lyle’s Golden Syrup.)

Ever since our first visit to the United Kingdom, M and I have been on the lookout for flapjacks. Not the American pancake, but the English flapjack. We first had them in Scotland, having picked up a few for a hike. I’ve seen them referred to as the original energy bar. That sounds about right to me. They are tasty, filling, and kept us going on some long walks/hikes.

I haven’t seen the packaged variety here in the U.S. No doubt someone sells them somewhere but I just haven’t found that someone or that somewhere. So I got it into my head to make my own. This is where my English Nutter friend comes in. She provided me with her recipe for flapjacks. The recipe I linked to above is  similar to her recipe.

One of the ingredients was something I’d never heard of: Golden syrup. Golden syrup is (as it says on the jar up there in the picture) cane sugar syrup. I thought about trying out a light molasses instead, but it just didn’t seem right. Even a light molasses has a heavy flavor to it. I was ready to try corn syrup or an “Amish table syrup” I found which is corn syrup with caramel coloring.

One of our local chains of grocery stores has been remodeling over the past two years. I was happy to see that the one where I like to shop was one of those stores updated and remodeled. They have a wider variety of produce, organics, and other foods. During my last trip I noticed they have a “world foods” section. I expected to find the usual: Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and maybe Japanese. I was surprised to see they also have Swedish, German, and English foods/brands. Including… TA DA! … Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

The weather is so hot here right now that I won’t be baking anything, not even the much anticipated English flapjacks. But as soon as it cools off, I’m going to make a batch. After I try English Nutter’s recipe, I’m going to give this recipe a try. I’ve found all kinds of yummy-looking recipes for flapjacks. I could be doing this for years to come.

I suppose that’ll provide some food for the blog.


Which reminds me…

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