Audrey II, Move 2008, and Orange in the Bogs

(A head of romaine lettuce growing in my garden.)

This photo of romaine lettuce was taken a week or so ago, and it reminds me of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. It appears to be saying “Feed me!” in this picture, but it’s looking more like romaine lettuce these days. I’ll try to remember to take my camera with me when I go out to work in the garden today so I can get a current shot.

Time for my Move 2008 update for Week 27. It was an excellent week. My best for the year in terms of walking mileage.

  • Mileage for week 27: 31.35
  • Total for 2008: 584.72 miles
  • Strength training: x 3 (using 10 lb. weights)
  • Yoga: x 5

I’ve also been working outside around the property with M. That counts as strength training as far as I’m concerned, especially the sawing I did yesterday. We have plenty of downed branches from the various ice, snow, and spring storms. The small stuff ends up in the chipper/shredder to become mulch. The big stuff is cut to use for firewood, and I was doing that cutting with a handsaw.

One thing the guys (husband and youngest son) have teased me about over the past few years is how wimpy I am when it comes to “real” work that requires strength. I spend all this time working out with weights, building and toning my muscles, yet I have little real strength from those workouts. Doing some of the heavy work outdoors builds, tones, and strengthens me and my muscles. I’m going to try to do that more often.

And now for a few orange flowers, as requested by TPGoddess.

These are tiger lilies:

They come in a variety of colors. We have orange and pink. You don’t want to let the cats near lilies of any kind. All parts are toxic to cats, so says the ASPCA.

These are day lilies (this particular one is known as the common day lily which can apparently be turned into wine if one so desires):

When Johnny Appleseed made his way through northeastern Ohio, he must have brought day lily bulbs with him. They line most of the back country roadsides, their blooms turned towards the sun.

Our meadow and lawn are filled with a variety of little orange flowers. Some are really tiny. The jewelweed, also orange, should be blooming soon.

The orange-red-yellow flowers in this picture of a praying mantis are jewelweed. They tend to look more orange with the naked eye than they do on close-up with a camera lens. Jewelweed colors can also vary from orange to red to yellow. I believe this variety is called the spotted jewelweed.