Rain, rain

(Today’s view of the pond.)

I resisted the urge to continue that title with “go away.” It’s always a good idea to be careful what you wish for even if we have had rain every single day for at least a week. Heavy rain and thunderstorms blow through every afternoon and evening. We wake to rain early in the morning, enough to make the hot days steamy.

But we had drought conditions last summer so I don’t want to complain. Too much.

M has been off from work for the past week, and is taking this upcoming week off, too. It’s his 2-week stay-cation. He’s been working on projects around the house and property, keeping pretty busy. Sometimes keeping me pretty busy while he’s at it.

Last night we went to Canton to check out a new jazz club: The Blue Olive. We had a good time. The music was excellent (The Mike Austin Project from Youngstown, Ohio). We didn’t eat there so they’ll be no food reviews this time around. That’s probably a good thing as I’m not nearly as good at that sort of thing as Alto2 who seems to have a real knack for it.

The theme for July’s NaBloPoMo ought to be right up her alley: Food. I’m thinking of using it as an excuse to learn how to take better photos of food. I don’t think we’ll be traveling anywhere in July. I should be able to post every day.

I know I’m overdue with the Move 2008 update for last week. Since it’s so late in the week, I’m going to wait and combine two weeks worth on Monday.

That’s about it from the Bogs for now.

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