Move 2008

(Maryland Heights trail. June 2008.)

I can’t believe we’ve finished Week 23 already! This year is going by much too fast. It must be all that moving I’m doing, making time zoom on past.

I had a good week last week. The hiking and tubing in Harpers Ferry were a nice treat. It reminded me that I ought to break up the monotony of the “usual” with a little “unusual.” I really should get outside more than I do. I have a million excuses as to why I exercise indoors, weather (too hot, too humid, or too cold), bugs (the mosquitoes and deer flies are plentiful this year), and country dogs number among them. Country dogs are probably the worst for me. Our country block is 5 miles around and it’s a lovely walk, but people let their dogs run lose out here in the boonies. I’ll be walking along enjoying the scenery and getting into the rhythm of walking when all of a sudden a dog is running at me full speed, barking his/her head off, baring his/her teeth as if he or she is going to bite my face off.

Scary stuff.

The cows and sheep are much less frightening.

My numbers for Week 23 (last week):

  • Mileage for the week: 21.01 miles
  • Total for 2008: 482.48 miles
  • Strength training: x 2
  • Yoga: x 4

This week should be a good one, too. I’ve started out well and intend to keep going. I have to hit 500 miles by the end of the month if I want to make my goal for the year.

There’s also the little matter of a full check-up to celebrate my 50 years on earth coming up in July.  Although my birthday isn’t until December, I figured I’d get the medical stuff out of the way during the summer when I’m eating better, exercising more, and feeling less stressed.  Well, most of the medical stuff.  I’d much prefer it if the doc would put off that first colonoscopy until next year, when I’m actually 50.