Night noises

It’s very warm here in the Bogs. Warm enough that we slept with the windows wide open last night. Warm enough that at some point in the middle of the night I was considering closing the windows and turning on the air conditioning because I couldn’t sleep with all that warmth and humidity clinging to me.

Around 3:00am my body gave up in exhaustion. I finally fell into that deep sleep which had been eluding me. I drifted off to the sounds of the bullfrogs by the pond and a great horned owl hoo-hoo-hooting in the distance.

Unfortunately, it was a sleep not destined to last for long.

About an hour or so later M and I were awakened by a frightening screeching-screaming sound that seemed at first like it was coming from right outside our bedroom window. I thought this horrible sound might be a cat, but it was missing a certain feline quality. M suggested a bird. It must be a BIG bird, I thought, to produce that sound at that volume. I hoped it wasn’t human as I think it would require a lot of pain to bring out that sort of scream from a person. I can’t imagine anyone screaming like that. No one human. Perhaps a banshee.

There were no other noises outside. The bullfrogs, the owl, the peepers had all been silenced by the eerie screaming sounds.

We peered out the bedroom windows, trying to see what it was. No luck. M had pinpointed the sound as being near the shed next to the garden. There are bushes blocking our view from the bedroom.

We made our way out to the dining room to look out through the patio doors we had installed last week. M made a quick dash to the basement first to grab the big flashlight. He shined it towards the shed, the garden, the big tree next to the garden.

There! By the tree! Three pairs of gold eyes shined back at us.

Less than a minute later we saw movement. Something was running in our direction. M caught it with the flashlight, running towards the spruce trees. It was a red fox.

The noise stopped once M had shined the light outside. We went back to bed and the night went back to normal outside. The bullfrogs picked up where they had left off, as did the peepers. I didn’t hear the owl again. Eventually I went back to sleep and had a dream about strange noises in the night.