I wish I had my camera

It’s an incredibly beautiful day here in the Bogs. The sky is an amazing shade of blue and the sunlight is sparkling on the pond.

But that’s not the reason I wish I had my camera.

I made banana pudding today. It’s the first time ever that I’ve made pudding (from scratch) and meringue. The whole thing put together is a work of art. It tastes fantastic, too. I’d love to have taken a picture of it before we dig in.

Where is my camera, you ask?

It went to Colorado with M the Younger (MTY). He’s taking lots of pictures so M the Elder and I can see what it looks like out there. We’ve never been to Colorado (other than to change planes in Denver on our way to California). M the Younger picked it because he thought it might be a nice place to live. Plus his major was geology and he figures they have plenty of rocks in Colorado.

MTY and his fiance (ML) had a little bit of an adventure on their trip. MTY’s car broke down in Kansas, just before they hit that 400-mile stretch where there’s nothing. Lucky for them. The car needed a new clutch which meant ordering parts which in turn meant waiting three days. MTY and ML left his car to be repaired, rented a car, and continued on to Denver. The rental, I’m sure, was nice than MTY’s car. They probably felt like they were really living it up.

They’re on their way home today. They stopped in St. Louis again last night (to stay with friends of ours). MTY and my camera should be here before midnight tonight.

I’m not sure the banana pudding will still be here then. 😉