Poor, neglected blog

That’s what Life in the Bogs has become over the past few months: My poor, neglected blog.

I kind of feel sorry for it. At the same time I’m wondering if I want to revive it as I’m not sure anyone is reading. Not that I necessarily keep the blog for the purpose of others. And therein lies the rub. I started the blog to keep track of our sabbatical adventures. Now that the sabbatical adventures are over, do I really need this blog?

Well, sometimes I think “yes.” It’s a good place to write about our various trips, hikes, and whatever happens to be going on in our lives. However, because I’m actually living my life, I don’t always have time to finish writing about our trips, hikes, and whatever happens to be going on in our lives.


While I give it some thought, I’m going to try to continue to post and that means more photos from our April trip to San Diego.  Perhaps in June I’ll give NaBloPoMo another try.  It depends on how busy life is and what the theme is for the month (not that I have to follow the theme, but sometimes a good theme helps).

(Kite store at Seaport Village. San Diego, CA. April 2008.)

The kite store is one of my favorite shops at Seaport Village. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything, but I do enjoy looking around.

When I finished at Seaport Village and went back to Embarcadero Marina Park, there was a wedding going on.

(Wedding at the park. San Diego, CA. April 2008.)

After watching the wedding party for a bit, I walked back towards Seaport Village and the hotels to meet M. While waiting I heard some people shouting, “Hello, San Diego!” Looking up, I saw this group:

(Enjoying the view. San Diego, CA. April 2008.)

They were quite enthusiastic and stayed out there shouting for a good 10-15 minutes. Between the people way up high in the hotel and the ducks hanging out near the water, I was well entertained during my wait.

(Duck hanging out at the marina. San Diego, CA. April 2008.)

M and I had dinner that night at the Fish Market where we sat outside and watched the boats go by and the sunset.

(A really big boat. San Diego, CA. April 2008.)