Sunny Sunday

(Longwood Gardens. April 2008. © Robin)

Surprise! Surprise! My Week 18 Move 2008 update:

  • This week’s mileage: 26.61 miles
  • Total for 2008: 377.37 miles
  • Strength/weight training: x 2
  • Yoga: x5

It was an extremely good week. 🙂  So good that I decided to post my stats on time for a change.

Spring is going full force here in the Bogs. The lawn is looking pretty with the green, green grass interspersed with purple violets and bright yellow dandelions. Most of the trees are fully decked out in either leaves or flowers.

Yesterday evening I sat outside for a while just listening to the sounds around me. The red-winged blackbirds win the prize for making the most noise, calling back and forth to each other. I know there are several nests up in what used to be the hay field. There was a mourning dove cooing in the background. We didn’t have mourning doves nearby until we planted the evergreen trees a few years ago.

It rained for most of the day yesterday, clearing out in the late afternoon/early evening. One of the sounds that surprised me was the sound of the ground soaking up the rainwater. I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to listen after a good soaking rain before, to hear the bubbling sounds the ground makes as the water is absorbed.

I’m having a lazy day today. Tomorrow I’ll get back to work on the garden. I have some weeding to do as well as some seeds to plant.  Anyone want to volunteer to help?

One Comment on “Sunny Sunday”

  1. Norm says:

    Your back is feeling better than it was……

    ……those quit stats in your 7 random facts are impressive. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – I will try to copy your efforts.

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