Flora, fauna, and other things

I took all of the following photos at Cabrillo National Park. I’m hoping TPG can identify the flowers. 🙂

(Proof that they do have bugs in Southern California!)

(A squirrel playing peek-a-boo.)

I know I posted a photo of the lighthouse in the last entry. I’m posting another because I found some other shots I’d like to include.

(Old Point Loma Lighthouse.)

We didn’t go inside the lighthouse this time around. Here are a few photos from our November trip:

(Entrance to the lighthouse.)

(Lighthouse keeper’s bedroom. Nice view!)

(3rd Order Fresnel lens.)

(Behind the lighthouse.)

(View of San Diego from the walkway leading to the lighthouse.)

(Mexico off to the right.)

(Cabrillo Monument with Coronado and the Coronado bridge in the background.)

(Further proof there are bugs in southern California.)

(The leaves remind me of bay or bay laurel, but again, I’m not sure.)

(Another unidentified flower.)

Next: A few beach and boardwalk scenes.

In current events: The gardening is going very well. I was excited to see the asparagus we planted two weeks ago has sprouted some spears. Looks like it’s settling in nicely.

M and I planted a few more things yesterday evening, just in time for the rain. It’s raining today and supposed to continue throughout most of the weekend.

Current view of the pond:

(Gloomy May 2nd)

As you can see, things are greening up quite nicely.

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