Still on day 1

(Pink flowers. San Diego, CA. April 2008. © Robin)

Before going back to California in my time machine, a little about how nice it is here in the Bogs these days. The weather has been absolutely lovely. Sunny, in the 70’s, with a lovely breeze. The tulips are blooming, the birds are singing and nesting, and the leaves should be popping out on the trees soon.

Spring and life are moving right along.  I’ll try to remember to get a photo of the pond tomorrow.

The pink flowers pictured above probably have a name, but I don’t know what it is. We saw them all over the place during this last visit to San Diego.

After having a look at Unconditional Surrender, we decided to drive out to Point Loma and Cabrillo National Park. During our November visit, it was cloudy and gray, the marine layer taking over the view. We were very lucky this time around. The view was magnificent.

(From Cabrillo. San Diego, CA. April 2008. © Robin)

See those islands in the background? I had no idea they were there the first time we looked out from this point.

Just to give you a better idea of the difference, this first photo was taken during our last trip:

(Old Point Loma lighthouse. an Diego, CA. April 2008. © Robin)

And this was taken back in November, after the fires and after the marine layer moved in to stay for about a week:

(Old Point Loma lighthouse. an Diego, CA. April 2008. © Robin)

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more photos from Cabrillo. Life has been keeping me fairly busy. Plus, with the warm and wonderful weather, it’s hard to sit here at the computer, inside the house, when it’s so lovely outside.