Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Spring has come to the Bogs, and it looks likely that winter has gone for good.

I heard the spring peepers for the first time this year last night. (If you’re not familiar with the spring peeper, you can read about it and listen to it here.) The scent of blooming hyacinths and daffodils is perfuming the warm breeze blowing in through the open windows.

It’s unbelievably warm here today. Lovely.

I’m very late with my Week 15 Move 2008 update. It hasn’t been easy to keep track of all the walking I’ve done over the past few weeks. This is my best guesstimate. I tend to lean towards underestimating so I’m probably cheating myself out of a mile or two.  Most of last week’s mileage occurred in Mission Beach and surrounding areas.  I didn’t have time to put in mileage the day we traveled home (Thursday) or the rest of the weekend because we were getting ready to go on our next trip.

  • Week 15 mileage: 15.00 miles
  • Total for 2008: 309.01 miles
  • Strength training: Zero, zilch, nada
  • Yoga: Not much

Now that we’re finished traveling for a while, I should be able to get back on track with everything.

2 Comments on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

  1. heidilou says:

    Spring peepers … hmmm …. so that’s what those incredibly noisy little critters are called! They used to live and mate and breed on our pool cover in the spring before we opened the pool.

    I can sleep through almost anything, but John needs total quiet. The noise they made right outside our bedroom window used to make him SO crazy that he would go out with his BB gun and shoot them! One time he killed two with one BB while they were mating.

    We don’t have our own pool anymore, but I do hear those critters sometimes when I take Molly out for a walk. I think they live in the creek across the street and down the hill.

  2. English Nutter says:

    Ahhh, spring! Makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Hope you get back on track easily. 🙂

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