The Bogs are warm and moist

My thanks and great appreciation to the English Nutter for the inspiration for the title of this post.  😉

Spring has come to the Bogs. I didn’t notice it too much when we arrived home last night, having arrived home later than expected due to storms and snow. (We used Frontier Airlines which meant going through Denver and it was SNOWING in Denver. The first snow I’d seen since leaving the Bogs.) It was dark when we staggered walked out of the terminal. But it was warm and THAT was noticeable. Warmer than the weather we experienced in San Diego, although it’s unfair to compare the two for a variety of reasons.

Today, though, I noticed Spring’s appearance. It’s still warm. The daffodils and hyacinths are blooming magnificently (something they didn’t get to do last year because it snowed and turned icy for almost the entire month of April shortly after they showed their colors). The grass is that wondrous shade of green that we see in the springtime. The trees are budding and almost showing the green aura that surrounds them just before the leaves burst out.

Best of all, we had our first spring rainbow today. A big, fat, deeply colorful, full-out arched rainbow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow with stripes of color that wide. I would have taken pictures except my camera was in the basement (next to the computer). I was too lazy to run down and get it. Good thing, too. I’d have missed the show if I had taken the time and energy. Besides, I’m tired of taking photos. It was nice to stand and enjoy the moment without thought or focus, just pure enjoyment.

I’ve really been slacking when it comes to writing up our trips so I’m making an April 11th resolution to finish writing about our trip to the west coast (with photos!). My goal is to have that finished by the end of the month. If I don’t, someone can tag me for a meme.

(Note to self: Check the date stamp. I reset it while in California, probably making a mess of the whole damn thing.)

That said, I won’t be getting to it immediately. And it’s possible I’m being unrealistic (oh well, here comes the tag and the meme). Having arrived home from the West Coast last night, I have two days to get ready for a trip to the East Coast (Coast-to-Coast Lickity Split Tour). We’re leaving on Sunday and will be back on Thursday. I’ve been scrambling around today to get unpacked, do laundry, and tidy up the place a bit after leaving it to our son for a week. In all fairness to M the Younger, the place doesn’t look that bad. I suspect he didn’t spend much time here.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with something TPGoddess mentioned. The first photo demonstrates why I should invest in a telephoto lens for my camera. The second is a cropped version of the first and demonstrates why I need to learn more about post-processing (there’s a lot of “noise” in the cropped version, something that could be toned down if I’d bother to get a de-noising program).

Without further explanations, the photos:

(Peregrine falcon. Torrey Pines, CA. April 2008.)

(The cropped version.)