The weather is fine

Very fine, indeed.

It started out cloudy, but the clouds moved out (or burned off) and it’s now clear and sunny.  There are loads of people on the beach working on their tans, lots of surfers in the water, and a good deal of partying going on in PB (Pacific Beach).

We had dinner with friends last night.  We went to Su Casa where we had some excellent Mexican food.  I’m having ceviche every chance I get while we’re here, and Su Casa’s (so far) is the best.  Since the EnglishNutter wants to know what I’m eating, I had the seafood tamal for dinner.  Yummy, yummy.

Today I’ve been hanging out at the beach.  I walked down to the pier and watched the surfers for a while.  I decided to come inside for an hour or two as my fair skin has probably had more than enough mid-day sun.  Seems like no matter how much sunscreen I slather on, I end up burnt anyhow.

We’re having dinner tonight at World Famous.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with TPGoddess for some hiking and lunch.  I’m looking forward to it.

And while I’m here, here are my Move 2008 Week 14 stats:

  • Total walking mileage for the week:  23.25 miles
  • Total for 2008:  I’ll have to fill this in when I get home as I didn’t bring my exercise log with me.
  • Only 1 strength/weight workout this week.
  • Only 2 yoga workouts.

I put in a good deal of the mileage here in Mission Beach.

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