It’s been a full day.

M and I started the day with a 90 minute walk on the boardwalk. The weather was cool and cloudy, but by the time we got back to the condo the cloud cover was beginning to burn off. The rest of the day was clear, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous.

We had lunch at Buster’s. It was ok. I had a quesadilla with lobster and a cup of shrimp chowder. M had a vegetarian sandwich with avocado, greens, mushrooms, and a bunch of other veggies on a hard roll (I think they call them tortas here). After lunch M went off to his conference and I wandered around Seaport Village and the waterfront area for the next 5 hours. I took lots of photos, spent a little time sitting in the park reading, and lots of time looking through the shops. I didn’t buy very much. Everything was way overpriced in my not so humble opinion.

We had dinner at The Fish Market. It was excellent, as usual. We were hoping to watch the sunset, but the clouds came rolling in about an hour before sunset. That’s ok. We had a lovely time sitting outside on the deck watching the boats go by while we ate our dinner.

Tomorrow M will be at the conference all day, and I’m going to give TPGoddess a call. Hopefully we’ll be able to get together while I’m out here.

And that’s about it from Mission Beach for now. I’m off to bed soon. I’m going to pamper my feet for a little while first. I’m pretty sure I walked at least 7 miles today.

Oh, and these changes at WordPress…  They suck.  For now.  But only because I hate it when they change things while I’m traveling.  Some of the stuff isn’t working for me at all.  I don’t know if it’s their glitch, my browser, or what.  I dislike having to use the HTML version because I’m a lazy slug, but the features aren’t working so I was forced to do it.  Peh.