We’re here

In Mission Beach, California, that is.

And dead tired.

I managed to get burnt by the sun while standing outside waiting for our rental car this morning. In other words…

It was brilliantly, beautifully sunny today. 8)

I’ll be sure to slather on the sunscreen from now on.

The day was long, having gotten up at 3:00am to make our early flight. Traveling through various time zones had us arriving in San Diego around 10:00am after five hours of flying. The flight was relatively smooth and uneventful (yay!).

We grabbed lunch at the Soup Plantation after we picked up our rental car. After lunch we still had three hours or so to use before we could check in to the condo so we went to Point Loma. The difference in visibility between today and last November was incredible. I didn’t realize there was so much to see from there.

We checked in and then sat on the rooftop deck for a little while, watching the surfers. Then it was time for a nap. The idea was to nap for an hour or so, and then get up to watch the sunset. That hour or so ended up being about four hours or so. We missed sunset and ended up eating dinner at 10:30pm (at Nick’s At The Beach, the only place nearby still serving food after 10:00pm).

And now it’s time to sleep again, perhaps get ourselves adjusted to California time.