Thursday Thirteen


We’re still snowed in here in the Bogs. More snow (3-4 inches) is expected tomorrow.

Are we having fun yet?

Well, yes, we are. 🙂 The sledding has been good. Unfortunately, the pond has been well insulated by the snow and is now mushy. M the Younger and a friend both fell through the ice yesterday. They were near the shore so it wasn’t a serious dunking, but they both had some pretty cold feet by the time they trudged back up to the house in their wet boots.

In need of something to write about, I now present Thursday Thirteen, a list of 13 of whatever it is you feel like listing. This week, I’m going with movies.

The last 13 movies I’ve seen:

  1. Lost In Translation (Thought this was a great movie. Different for Bill Murray.)
  2. Thank You For Smoking (Not bad. Had its funny moments.)
  3. Ratatouille (Was expecting something funnier, but it was ok.)
  4. Hard Candy (Very good psychological thriller.)
  5. Evan Almighty (Waste of time!)
  6. Spider-Man 3 (Exciting, fun.)
  7. The Hours (Watched this on my own during the Super Bowl. It was ok.)
  8. The Bourne Ultimatum (I enjoyed the Bourne series. Lots of action. I read the books decades ago and like the way they updated the story.)
  9. Sicko (Gave me a new cause, as if I needed one. Everyone in the U.S. ought to watch this one.)
  10. Factory Girl (I enjoyed it. M the Elder wasn’t thrilled with it.)
  11. High Anxiety (Not Mel Brooks’ best, but it has it’s moments.)
  12. An Inconvenient Truth (Interesting.)
  13. The Bourne Supremacy (See #8)

What films have you watched lately?