Thinking about it

(Penn’s Cave. December 2007. © Robin)

I see NaBloPoMo has some new rules. They’re going monthly.

I might give it a go in March. I’ve been almost ignoring this blog for a while now. Time to breathe some new life back into it. Or shut it down.

One reason I haven’t been writing here has to do with this being February and winter. Not much is going on with M and I. Just everyday living. I like everyday living, but it doesn’t always make for good blog fodder. For instance:

Today I’m going to do some laundry and a little cleaning around the house. M is at an auction where he might bid on a walking plow and a spinning wheel. M has been attending auctions around here for the past year or so to get a feel for how they work. He’s even done a little bidding, successful and unsuccessful.

Tonight we’re going to meet Meredith’s parents for the first time. We’ll be having dinner at their house, and toasting the newly engaged couple. It’s hard to believe my youngest son is engaged to be married. Meredith came here for dinner last night. I made Thai food without meat because it’s Lent and Meredith is Catholic. (My father will be happy to hear that.)

We had a couple of snow storms over the past week or so. It’s going to warm up to freezing (32 degrees) today. Tomorrow will be downright balmy with a high around 38 degrees. The nice part is that the sun will be with us for the next few days.

And well, you see what I mean. Not exactly a fascinating read.

Then again, some of the most interesting blogs I read are about the everyday happenings so I could be wrong about that.

The theme for the March NaBloPoMo is lists. I’m not sure I’ll go with the theme, but I’m considering it. I’m also considering the possibility the Photo Challenge. That might be easier for me.

4 Comments on “Thinking about it”

  1. I saw that, but couldn’t deal with it 🙂 Of course, the irony is that I have already posted every day in Feb, but that is just by accident! Maybe I’ll pick another month later on.

  2. Norm says:

    Just thought I’d add my 2 cents worth in that I’m running into the same problem. I feel my blog has gone over to straight reportage – maybe I’m spending too much time at work….. and not getting the time to go out and do things of interest. Personally, I’m blaming it on the fact it is ‘February’ and thankfully it will soon be over.

    Spring is coming,…… the days are getting longer!!! Woo-Hoo!!

  3. Le barjo d'Anglais says:

    Can’t Catholics eat mean during Lent? I thought it was eggs and milk, hence the pancakes.

    I like the everyday things. 🙂

  4. Robin says:

    They don’t eat meat on Fridays, Nutter.

    I like the everyday things too — when I’m reading someone else’s posts. 🙂

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