Move 2008

Week 6 of Move 2008 has not been my best week so far. I have a bad case of the February blues, making it hard to motivate myself to move. Moving — exercising — would be the best thing to do to get rid of the blues, but it’s a Catch-22 of sorts: blues, lack of motivation, more blues due to lack of exercise, even less motivation, etc.

But it wasn’t a completely bad week. I did manage to make myself move more than a few times. Here are the stats:

Walking mileage this week: 16.35 miles

Total for the year: 121.14 miles

Strength training: 1 time this week. (Poor showing there — I need to be doing this at least twice a week.)

Yoga: 3 times this week.

Not great, but not bad either.

The weather here is bitterly cold (the current temperature, with wind chill, is -6 F). Much too cold to get outside which is a big shame because we’re seeing something today we haven’t seen in over a week: The sun!

A big snow storm is supposed to hit tonight and tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll get enough snow to go snowshoeing.