Week 4 check-in for Move 2008

I meant to post this yesterday, but spent the day lazing about.

Week 4 of Move 2008 is over, and I had another pretty good week.

Mileage for the week: 23.15

Mileage for 2008: 80.49

I did two weight/strength training workouts, and hit the yoga mat every day.

Today I went for an hour long walk outside to enjoy the wintry scenery. The weather is expected to warm up into the 40’s today and near 50 tomorrow. All that beautiful snow and ice will turn to mud.

I took this photo from out on the middle of the pond. I was walking on water. 8)

(Sunlight on snow & ice.  January 2008.   © Robin)

I was going to take one more sled run down the hill, but there’s no one around to pick me up if I fall and break something or end up in the pond instead of on it.