Weekly check-in

(Quail Hollow State Park. January 2006)

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was busy with a stomach bug that’s been making a real nuisance of itself. Blech.

Week 2 of Move 2008 was a good one (except for yesterday, of course).

Total mileage for the week: 20.22

Total mileage for  2008: 33.77

I did two weight/strength training workouts during the week. I also put in 20-30 minutes of yoga practice every day (except yesterday, of course).

Today I am starting back on the Weight Watchers Points system. The exercise is all well and good (more than well and good), but I have to do something about changing my eating habits if I want to meet my goal of losing 1 stone. I’ve been on the Points system before and know it works.

It’s snowing here again. Just saying.