Gray, gloomy, and rainy

(Quail Hollow State Park, OH. January 2008. © Robin)

The title explains today’s weather. It would be a terrible shame if May turned out to be gray, gloomy, and rainy. It’s usually one of our better months here in the Bogs.

Izzy and Bella survived their surgery. They came home looking like a couple of stoners who had been out getting high for days. They stumbled, they obsessed over the water bowl (oooo…pretty colors!), and they refused to settle down for a couple of hours. Whatever the vet gave them for pain made them hyper little creatures.

M and I slept in the spare room with them, making sure all was ok through the night. Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t get any sleep. M managed to sleep (and snore!) just fine. Once the kitties settled down it wasn’t so bad, but I still couldn’t get to sleep. We finally moved back to our bed around 6:30am, where I slept until 10:ooam.

Because I’ve been stressed over the past few days, M did what he always does: He insisted we go for a hike. There’s nothing like a hike to help me walk away stress, the blues, anger, and whatever other rocky emotions might be going on inside. Today was no exception. I was tired and started out dragging my feet, but hit a good stride about half way through. We hiked 2 miles.

Speaking of mileage, I need to get on the ball (or hit the road) if I want to make 1,000 miles this year. I’m off to a rather slow start. I hope to make up for it over the next week or two.

2 Comments on “Gray, gloomy, and rainy”

  1. English Nutter says:

    I’m glad the kitties are ok. 🙂 M sounds pretty typical – N NEVER wakes up when one of the kiddies cries or is sick. Women are tuned in to such things, I believe.
    But how good that he understands you so well, eh? A good hike is great therapy. Good man, that man!

  2. Robin says:

    He’s a very good man. 🙂

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