Altered kitties

(Yesterday’s view of the pond.)

Yesterday was clear and sunny. It was also fantastically cold. We woke up to a temperature of 8 degrees. I think it got as warm as 16 later in the day. In the spirit of following the weather prognostications, that means March will be clear and sunny. I’m not sure how the temperature fits in.

It warmed up overnight. It was 21 when I rolled out of bed this morning. It’s a balmy 24 right now. Today’s weather forecast: Partly cloudy. I suppose that makes April a partly cloudy and warm month.

Not that I believe any of this, but I am curious as to how it will turn out.

Izzy and Bella are at the vet’s today being altered, fixed, desexed, spayed, or having an ovariohysterectomy. Take your pick of terms. I’m a little worried about it. It is major surgery, after all. But I also know it needs to be done, it’s a routine procedure, and it’s for the best. I should hear something from the vet’s office soon.

When I dropped of the kitties I was told I can pick them up this evening. After doing a bit of reading, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t ask to leave them overnight. Apparently they heal better/quicker if allowed to stay overnight, mostly because they’re kept confined. Anyone have any opinions or suggestions on this?

5 Comments on “Altered kitties”

  1. truddle says:

    I like my pets to stay over night – I don’t know if it is more for them or for me. I just feel that if there are problems they are better under the eye of someone who knows what to look for and has the resources to step in as needed. Is there someone on staff at your Vets 24 hours? If so I’d consider it – if not then I’d bring them home so you can keep an eye.
    They will be pretty sore and groggy either way – but should heal nicely in a week… but be feeling more like their normal selves in a day or so.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for the advice, Truddle. I was thinking along similar lines as far as leaving them at the vet’s. Seems better for both them and my peace of mind. But, as you said, it depends on whether or not they have someone on staff overnight.

    It’s been a long time since I had a cat spayed. You’d think I’d remember what we did and how they behaved when they came home, but it must be akin to childbirth and other surgeries: Amnesia sets in after a while. lol!

  3. English Nutter says:

    I’d prefer them to stay in also, for the same reasons. Also, it seems kinder to leave them in place rather than move them, if they’re sore and feeling poorly. I hope they recover quickly. Meow!

  4. Kel says:

    love your frozen pond
    can you iceskate on it?

  5. Robin says:

    Thanks, EN. They’re doing pretty well, all things considered. 🙂

    Kel: If it stays cold enough for long enough, we can and do iceskate on it. The pond is also at the bottom of the sledding hill so it’s perfect for gliding across on a sled (if it’s frozen, of course).

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