A day of sloth

(Bella & Taylor. December 2007)

No, we haven’t adopted a dog. Taylor belongs to Emma and her parents. She visits when they visit. Bella, too curious for her own good sometimes, decided to check out Taylor. I think it’s possible, with time, that the two of them could get along (once Taylor gets over her fear of cats).

It’s snowing here in the Bogs. (How often do I start a paragraph with that sentence??) The winds have been gusting big time, blowing the snow all over the place and preventing it from accumulating except in corners and places where it’s trapped.

It’s been said by some very old time weather prognosticators that the weather of the first 12 days of the year represents the weather you’ll have throughout the 12 months, each day representing one month. If that’s the case, we’re in for a windy and snowy January.

M and I went to Akron’s First Night last night. It was fun. We listened to a lot of good music, ate a little too much German food, walked a lot, enjoyed a blacklight art exhibit, watched the midnight fireworks display with smiles, laughter, and looks of awe, and stayed sober.

It’s a good way to start the year.

Today we’re just hanging out by the fire. M is watching football. As soon as I finish here I’m going to grab my book and settle in for a long read.

We saw a mink this morning. It was walking across the top of the pond (which is partially frozen). I think it might have been in search of a drink of water as it stopped when it reached an area that wasn’t frozen. It eventually jumped into the water and swam over to land.

It’s good to have minks around. They eat muskrats. Muskrats damage the dam of the pond so having a predator around to take care of the muskrats is a great help to us.

I guess that’s about it from the Bogs for now.

Happy New Year to my friends and family! I hope 2008 is good to you.