Home for Christmas

(Longwood Gardens. December 2007. © Robin)

Here we are again, back in the Bogs.

I have to admit it’s good to be home. I hope we get to stay here a while. There’s nothing like sleeping in my own bed.

Mom was up, around, and making potato salad when we left New Jersey yesterday. Probably overdoing it. But she’s never been one to just sit still. I hope she learns to do a little sitting, resting, and healing. It’ll be good for her to slow down a bit.

We missed the big Christmas Eve dinner with the family yesterday. I’m sorry to have missed out on seeing some of my siblings, but still glad to be home.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas in our way this weekend when our entire little family is gathered here. I’m going to try to get the tree put up today (although at the rate I’m moving this morning, it might be tomorrow). None of the presents are wrapped yet. Cards were not sent.

That’s ok. Mom is home, my little family is healthy, I’ll be seeing my granddaughter soon, and life really isn’t too bad these days.

Merry Christmas to those of you out there celebrating it!