(Santa in a storefront window. December 2007. © Robin)

I’ve been ignoring this blog lately. It’s not that I don’t have things I could be writing about, but that I’m not sure just how much I can write about.

I’m a firm believer in people being entitled to their privacy. I don’t need a HIPAA law for that (although apparently some people do since the government felt the need to pass such a thing; and before someone comes by to flame me for what I consider to be just a passing comment — a “just sayin” kind of thing — I’m not saying I’m against HIPAA).

That said, I know there are family and friends reading who are caring and concerned, and wouldn’t mind a little update.

There’s not much to say, to be honest. Mom is still in the hospital. They’ve been unable to do the procedure they want to do. Complications keep coming up whenever the docs have given it a try.

They’re trying again on Tuesday. If you’re the praying sort, please send up a prayer or two that this time it will be successful so that my mother can go home. This long hospital stay is not good for her.

If it doesn’t go as hoped and planned, I’m heading back out there. Probably should’ve done it before now, but I was shooting for optimism in hoping that things would go well and Mom would be home before I could get there.

In other news…

If you watched the Browns game this afternoon, you know that we’re getting hit hard in this area with snow. The winds are really whipping, too.

That’s about it from the Bogs for now. I hope everyone out there reading is doing well and taking care of themselves.

Good health is important, and needs a proactive approach. Don’t take it for granted.

Just sayin.

3 Comments on “Blizzard”

  1. Norm says:

    2 prayers; 1 for your Mom – 1 for you.

    Just sayin’….

  2. Norm says:

    (a wee revision in url – ‘.’ instead of ‘@’.)

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks, Norm. 🙂

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