(Snowfall. December 2007. © Robin)

It’s been snowing here in the Bogs for the past four days. The first day there wasn’t much accumulation due to strong (25-35mph with gusts up to 50mph) winds. The snow was dry and was carried off in a blizzard to the east.

Yesterday the winds calmed. The snow came down in big fat flakes that you could easily catch with your tongue. It was the stuff of snowmen and snowballs, easily packed. Without the winds to pull it away, the snow hung around, piling up a little. The sledding hill is ready to be used (just make sure you stop before you get to the pond since it’s not frozen enough for that yet).

Today it’s a steady snowfall of tiny little flakes. This is the kind of snow that can really build up if it keeps going all day. The weather prognosticators say not, that this isn’t a big snow event.

They’ve been known to be wrong. Frequently.

(The Yule shot. December 2007. © Robin)

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