Winter is coming

(Frost on the window. November 2007 (c) Robin)

It’s been chilly here. Ice is starting to form on the pond:

(Ice on the pond. November 2007. (c) Robin)

And NaBloPoMo is over!! Let’s all celebrate.

I think I’ll celebrate by taking a few days off from blogging. Perhaps more than a few days as I have some serious reading to do if I expect to meet my 50 Books Challenge this year. So far I’ve only read 31 books.

I have a feeling I won’t make it to 50. It would take a serious marathon for me to read 19 books in one month. This is a particularly bad month for catching up on things like that, what with the Holidaze almost upon us.

I did, as mentioned at my other blog, meet another goal I set for this year. Every year I challenge myself to a certain amount of mileage. This year my goal was 850 miles. I hit and passed my walking goal last week.

I’m shooting for 900 miles in 2008. I’d better buy myself a new pair of walking shoes for my birthday. I’m going to need them.