Sunny Sunday

(Izzy & Bella, trying to nap. Photo by Robin. November 2007)

The sun is shining here in the Bogs today. The high temperature today is supposed to get up around 48 degrees. My plan is to get out there and soak up some of that sunlight.

I noticed yesterday that my calendar here at the blog was a mess. I’ve been posting religiously every day of this month, but my WordPress clock was way off, throwing off my dates. I’ve fixed the timestamp options at least three or four times. I hope it takes this time.

Not much else to babble on about this morning so I’m off to enjoy my Sunday.

3 Comments on “Sunny Sunday”

  1. Alto2 says:

    I, too, had troubles with the calendar until I found how to fix WordPress’s clock. Just in case, here’s how you do it: Go to the Bogs Dashboard. Click on Options, go to General and scroll down to UTC time (Greenwich mean time). If you’re currently on Central Standard Time, you set your blog clock to UTC -6, i.e. your timezone offset is 6 hours earlier than UTC. When you go to CDT, reset the clock to UTC -5. Clear as mud.

  2. tpgoddess0103 says:

    Oh, the WordPress calendar drove me nuts at first!! Alto2 has it right. Silly how they do it really.

    Always love kitty pictures!

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks, Alto2. 🙂

    Clear as mud is about right. I tried doing that a few weeks ago, but it changed back. Hopefully it will stick this time.

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