Chopping wood

M and I worked outside today. I wasn’t looking forward to it because it’s cold out there. 38 degrees, but with the wind chill factored in it feels like 33 degrees. It’s also cloudy and a bit damp. We probably won’t see the sun again until St. Patrick’s Day.

Once out there I warmed up quickly. We were hauling, clearing, sawing, chopping, chipping and shredding wood. We’re going to invest in a wood stove insert for the basement fireplace sometime soon, and we’re going to need to lay in a good supply of wood before we do so. Having a wood stove should help with some of the heating costs. Being out in the country, we use propane for heating. Propane, like any other energy product these days, ain’t cheap.

We worked hard. I’m going to feel it in the morning, but for now I’m feeling good after all that exercise and fresh air. I’m sure it will help me sleep well tonight.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today. I’m tired. Not up to the usual babbling or posting of pics. Well, one pic:

Bella is ignoring me as usual. Izzy doesn’t look too happy about having her photo taken. That’s due to the fact that this was the third or fourth shot. She’s not happy with the flash.