First snowfall of the season

(Snow!  Photo by Robin.  November 2007)

It’s here.  The first snowfall of the season.  The lake effect machine is cranking it out.  It’s been snowing since I got up (around 7:00am) this morning.  The ground is warm so it’s not likely to result in much accumulation, if any.

(More snow!  Photo by Robin.  November 2007)

Snow makes winter fun.

I have a busy day ahead of me today so the promised sunsets will have to wait.  This next week might be pretty hectic as well.  We’re having the Thanksgiving Pig Out at our house this year.  Since none of our family will be around, we’ve invited friends to share the day, the festivities, and the food with us.  I’m looking forward to it.

The Big Chill

Yesterday was warm, almost balmy. Today the temperature has been dropping quickly, and there’s a few inches of snow in the forecast for tonight.

I’m feeling sluggish today. Drowsy. Perhaps it’s the change in weather. Whatever the case, I decided to go outside to have a look at the last of our fall foliage before the cold front blows it all away. Being outdoors in the gusty, cold winds should have invigorated me. Instead, I want to go into hibernation.

I wonder if that means I’m getting old?

(The woods at the back of the property. Photo by Robin. November 2007)

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