Beach bum

We’re home. The flight was uneventful. A few choppy, bumpy spots near Denver (as usual), but mostly smooth.

That should reassure me about flying, but it doesn’t. I just don’t like to fly. What’s worse is that it makes me superstitious. I feel that if I ever relax and start to enjoy being in flight, something bad will happen. An engine will fail or we’ll hit a really bad patch of storms or the plane will crash. Or some such nonsense.

I realize there is nothing logical or reasonable about that kind of thinking. But, really, there is nothing logical or reasonable about phobias. If they could be cured with logic and/or reason, someone out there would be making a lot of money using that method.

It’s good to be home. I like sleeping in my own bed. Izzy and Bella obviously missed us. That was most apparent by the way Izzy, in particular, acted all snooty with an “I don’t need you” attitude for the first hour or so. Then she went back to her normal self, allowing me to hold her and pet her. Bella, who is more laid-back than Izzy, was more than willing to forgive me for going away as soon as I fed her some canned cat food (something they don’t get often so it’s a treat).

The weather here in the Bogs isn’t much different from the weather we experienced in southern California. It’s overcast, misty, and foggy. The temperature is slightly colder (about 10 degrees cooler). The trees look like they peaked colorwise while we were away. Quite a few of the leaves have fallen.

This is how it looked when we arrived home yesterday:

(Photo by Robin. November 2007)

I am, however, already missing my brief life as a beach bum. It’s a lifestyle I could easily adjust to over a very short period of time. With that in mind, I’m going to start sharing a few photos from our trip. I don’t feel as though I need to write much about it since I did much of that during the trip.

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