A walk around the pond: Autumn

(In flight. Photo by Robin. October 2007)

Note: If you visit both of my blogs, my apologies to you for the cross posting. I seem to have two sets of visitors, some preferring Life in the Bogs and some preferring Bountiful Healing. Sometimes the two meet, but often people stay with one or the other. Hence, the cross posting.

We had a cold front move through in the wee hours of the morning today. It came booming and blustering in, making enough noise to wake the dead. What woke me was the wind as it was going through a series of howls, moans, and growls, sounding like a giant with a toothache was standing outside of our bedroom window.

The winds have been gusting all day, the sound almost overwhelming at times. I decided I should take a stroll around the pond before the winds decided to take all of the leaves and deposit them on the east coast somewhere.

When I first stepped outside, the sky was filled with an enormous flock of birds. I enjoyed watching them swoop and swirl across the sky. If you look carefully at the photo above, you can see some of the swirls and arcs.

The rest of this is a show of red, the leaves I mentioned in my previous post. Enjoy and I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday. M and I are heading to the mountains of PA for some foliage viewing and hiking.

(Maple leaf. Photo by Robin. October 2007)

(At the back of the pond)

(Showing off)

(A paler shade of red)

(One last glimpse from the other side of the cattails)