Today’s weather shot

(A cloudy day in the Bogs.  Photo by Robin.  September 2007)

Fall has finally arrived in northeastern Ohio.  We went from 91 degrees on Monday to barely making it into the mid-50’s today.

I’m enjoying the cooler weather.

Hello to my niece if you’re reading!  I’ll have something posted here for you soon.  🙂

4 Comments on “Today’s weather shot”

  1. barbara says:

    This is what fall looks like in Ohio? Wow! What does winter look like?

  2. WinterWarlock says:

    Wow – this is a beautiful picture. I love these kinds of fall days – we get them in Rochester too!

  3. Robin says:

    Barbara: It looks white. With snow. And cold. Brrrr!

    WinterWarlock: Thanks. I sometimes enjoy those kind of days too.

  4. lewis1212 says:

    My daughter in Granville insists they went right from Summer to Winter. We were there last weekend for Parent’s Weekend and it was in the 90’s…….now according to her it is “freezing and will probably snow any day” (she can be a bit dramatic 🙂

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