The Historic Hilltop Hotel

(The Hilltop House. Harpers Ferry, WV. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

The Historic Hilltop Hotel is over 100 years old, but I don’t know its exact age. If they have their own website, it doesn’t appear to be working. Some of their famous guests include Mark Twain, Pearl Buck, Woodrow Wilson, and I think I saw somewhere that former President Bill Clinton visited at some point (but I can’t verify that so don’t take my word for it).

(The Hilltop Hotel. Harpers Ferry, WV. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

The hotel is not in the best shape and the common areas, which are all we saw, could use some work. However, the view from the hotel is amazing and that alone seems to outweigh any problems within the hotel according to some of the reviews I’ve read.

When we arrived in the morning, one of the hammered dulcimer workshops were taking place outside. It was a beautiful day, much too nice to be indoors.

(Hammered dulcimer workshop. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

M and I walked around a little, enjoying the views as we listened to the music being carried by the breeze.

(View of the Potomac from the Hilltop Hotel. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

(Another view from the Hilltop Hotel. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

While we were enjoying the view, a couple of rafts came floating by:

(From the Hilltop Hotel. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

Although it was a sunny day, it was also a bit chilly that morning. Kind of a cold morning for rafting, but I guess as long as nobody took a spill into the water, it was probably pretty fine.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia meet. It’s also where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers converge. Rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing are popular activities. Whitewater rafting on that part of the Shenandoah is about my speed, with only class I-III rapids. Anything above that is too much of an adrenaline rush for me.

I’m hoping we’ll make it back there someday just to give the rafting (or canoeing) a try.

Coming soon: A visit to Harpers Ferry, the town.

(View from the Hilltop. Photo by Robin. September 2007)

3 Comments on “The Historic Hilltop Hotel”

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  2. Alto2 says:

    Your pictures remind me why West Virginia is almost heaven. Get rid of inbreeding and the strip mining and it might just be habitable.

  3. English Nutter says:

    Beautiful views! Rafting sounds fun. I wish I could come too.

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