Busy Week

(Izzy & Bella after a hard day.  Photo by Robin.  September 2007)

It’s been a busy week here in the Bogs.

Izzy and Bella went for their first visit to the vet on Wednesday.  They were purring machines while the vet looked them over.  He had a little trouble listening to their hearts because of all the purring.  The vet declared them healthy and happy.

What really surprised me was how they didn’t react at all to the shots when the vet was sticking them with a needle.  He tried distracting them with cat treats, but neither Izzy nor Bella were interested in the treats.  They were more interested in checking everything out.

They did react to the shots shortly after we arrived home.  Or perhaps their reaction was to the stress of the car ride, the vet visit, and the shots.  Whatever the case, they slept through the afternoon, evening, and as far as I know, most of the night.  Both were their usual perky selves by morning.

M the Younger bought a car on Thursday.  M the Elder went with him on various look-see trips.  They finally decided on one and had it inspected by a mechanic.  It more or less passed inspection (considering the price, it was good enough).  The car was dropped off at our mechanic’s after the purchase so he could take care of some repairs.  Those repairs brought the purchase price down.  All in all, I think M the Younger ended up paying the asking price if you include repairs, taxes, title, etc.

The fun part about his new car is that it’s a manual transmission.  M and I stood outside yesterday and watched him drive it on his own for the first time yesterday evening.  We had a good laugh as he stalled out several times trying to back up in the driveway.  M the Elder had taken him out earlier in the evening to teach him how to drive with a clutch and stick shift.  If it had been up to me I’d have made him take a few more driving lessons before going out on his own, but he’s an adult and it really isn’t up to me anymore.

Still, it was funny watching him stall out.

I learned to drive in a car with a standard/manual transmission.  A little red VW Bug.  I know the trials and tribulations of trying to balance the clutch and the gas, especially while at a stop on a hill, knowing that if I didn’t get it right I’d end up rolling into the car that pulled up too close behind me.

In other news…

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